Angry Birds Seasons Golden Egg Walkthrough

It seems Rovio was nice and sneaky with the Seasons release of Angry Birds Seasons for Android and failed to mention it would have Golden Eggs for us all to find! Good news though, we are finding them and you can too with this guide!

Angry Birds Seasons (Valentine’s Day):

Coming February!

Angry Birds Seasons (Christmas):

1) Day 13: This one is easy, just use your Yellow Birds to get to the Wreath at the middle-bottom of the structure!

2) Not yet Found

Angry Birds Seasons (Halloween):

1) Level 3-2: To get the ‘floating’ Pumpkin and the Golden Egg inside, you have to shoot the Boomerang Bird backward and have it come back to hit the pumpkin. It’s a bit tricky. Thanks to Allen Chen for the tip!

2) 3 Stars: You’ll get another Golden Egg when you have 3 stars on every level. [Unconfirmed]

3) White Bird Help Menu: Somewhere on the White Bird Help Menu there is a Golden Egg hidden. Once you find it though, it won’t show up on the Golden Egg menu for Halloween. [Unconfirmed]

As always if you can confirm a Golden Egg or find a new one, let us know and we will add it! Happy Hunting!

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