Crab Lab Reactor Code Guide – How To Get Into The Core

Feature image for our Crab Lab reactor code guide. It shows an in-game screen of the reactor core and control room, with a glowing sphere as the core.

Want to get through the shuttered door into the reactor core control in Crab Lab? We’re here to help, and we’re not going to judge you about your intentions for going in there either. Our Crab Lab reactor code guide covers what you need to know to get down there.

Crab Lab is a Roblox game where you and the other players are put in charge of a huge submarine with a few problems going on. You’ll need to deal with crew turned into crabs, monkeys, and lizards everywhere, and something attacking the sub. And the core might be about to overheat. No pressure.

You can grab Crab Lab on Roblox. If you’re looking for more freebies, check out our Sea Destiny codesGoofy Stands codes, and Anime Showdown codes.

Crab Lab Reactor Code Guide

Here we’ll try and cover everything you need to know.

Accessing The Reactor

You can find the reactor down the double stairs next to the door before entering Sector 1. If you hit the doors to Storage, you’ve gone too far. Head down the stairs to the doorway and head through until you reach a shuttered door with a keypad next to it.

Hit the numbers on the keypad with the following code:

  • 1234

The shutters should open for a short time, letting you inside the reactor core control room. Use this power responsibly!

About Crab Lab

Crab Lab is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It puts you and a bunch of other players as the crew of a research submarine dealing with a dangerous and mysterious attack from something large outside. There’s also something turning people into crabs. The second floor is full of lizards. There are a few things to deal with. You’ll need to work together at different stations to keep the sub in working order. Or don’t, we’re not going to judge.

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