Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus Walkthru

Even though I said it wouldn’t be possible, apparently I was wrong and someone managed to make a walkthrough for Mystique Chapter 3. All credits go to the Author: Ibakeubercakez who originally posted this on the Android and Me forums.

I’ll be typing this with swipe so expect some typos lol. Ok, as soon as you get off the elevator head for the door to the right of the elevator, as if you were getting off of it. There will be a door with a keypad. There should be3 faded out buttons (random each game.) Randomly tap those 3 until you hear the unlocking noise. Open the door. On the bookcase in front if you there will be a book loosely sitting on top of some neatly stacked books. Pick it up and look on the desk to your right. Pick up the oil can and exit the room. You no longer need to enter this room. Go around the corner. Skip the first door on the right and go to the second one. Inside there should be some washing machines. Open the one right if the far left one and pick up the scalpel. There is a key in this room but to get it you need a wire. Just exit the room and in front of you there should be a wooden barrel. Pick up the wire on top of it and reenter the room. In the corner by the far right washing machine, in that crevice, is the key. Use the wire with menu. On the key. Once retrieved exit the room. You no longer need to enter this room. Next. Continue down the hall and enter the next door on your right. Use the key on the jail cell in the far left. Pick up the valve under the bench. Look in the locked cell right next to you while you stay in the one you’re in. You can grab the crowbar on the bench through the bars. Exit.

You no lor need to to use this room.Enter the final room on this hall. Use the crowbar on the door to open it. Once inside, head towards the second electric fence. By the wall near where you entered look under the fence. A red handle will be sticking out. Grab it. It’s a wrench. Head down the side of the fence. There’s a medical table with wheels and its small. Use it and it will slide. Now click it again and your character will climb it. Grab one if the acid jars on top of the shelf. Next, head to the end of the room. You will be in an aisle with two paintings at the end of it. Now go one aisle left. There,s a coil of rubber hose. Use the scalpel on it and you’ll get a piece of it. Now, look behind you. There are two wooden palettes propped against the wall. Use the crowbar on it to get the epic shovel. You no longer need to to use this room. So exit. Go to the first electric fence. If you look in you can see a yellow box of matches. Use the rubber hose on it then grab the box from underneath. Yay. Unless I forgot something you have all the items. Now. Go to the last room on the left, the one before the library. It should be a boiler room. Use the valve on the handle that’s missing a valve. Now use the oil on the valve. You need water. Without anything in your hands click on the pipes on the right. It will change the view. Now equip the wrench. This puzzle requires that the bottom right meter needs to face left (opposite of where it started out) and all the other meters should face right. Once completed the game will tell you. Now open up the boiler door. Use the book on it. Now turn around and use the shovel on that box of coal. Then use the shovel full of coal on the boiler. Now just use the matches on it. Yay.

Now exit and go to the broken pipe. Use the acid on it, and after that use the crowbar on it. You can go through the door. There a power switch machine in front off you. This puzzle us different for every game. To do it just click on one intersection in front off the switch. If it resets try another way. This requires a lot of trial and error. Once you complete it…

YOU WAKE UP IN HELL! Talk to the weird old lady in front of you. Talk to her twice, actually. Then look on the bookcase for the Palmistry project book. Exit the room for now. If you haven’t noticed yet it’s an exact replica of where you just were. Now go into the room where that electrical switch was. There’s a diamond floating above which you’ll need later. But, in the far left corner of the room there’s a stone henge thing with a pair if glasses in it. Take them. Exit the room. Go to what used to be the boiling room and take the basket. Now exit. Go across the way and there should be a big rectangle crate. Search one of the corners around it and you’ll find a chess piece. Hold on to it. Now, go into what used to be thee washing machine room. There may be two items in here,i forgot. On top of the washing machine there is water purifier stuff. Take it, and if you find a second item take it too. Go to what used to be the jail cells. Before you can enter a guard will attack you. Kill him and enter. Hand the psycho the book then challenge him to paper rock scissors and own him. He’ll rip out his brain and hand you it. Take it. Now. Head to the last room. Where the acid was on that rack there is a crowbar, take it SON! Now look around all those crates and get the jug and james bond coffee mug. Woot! Go back to the diamond room. Use the jug on the diamond. Now go to the boiler room. Use the water purifier on the huge bucket with the dead body in it, then use your mini bucket on the water. Yay! Just go do what the old lady says! I won’t give away the the rest out from here…no puzzles involved.

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