How to play Shadowgun on an Asus Transformer using an Android phone as a game pad with DroidMote

Last week we showed everyone how to play Shadowgun on an SGSII and an Asus Transformer using a Playstation controller and Sixaxis. Now we can show you how to use DroidMote to convert your Android phone into a game pad and use it to play Shadowgun on a tablet, in this case again on a Asus Transformer.

Before getting started please be aware that this process requires root on the device you want to control.

Using an application called DroidMote you can convert your Android phone into a game pad, map out the controls and play games, in this example it’s Shadowgun. First you will need to install DroidMote Client and Serve applications. You want to install the server application on the device you want to control which in this example is the Asus Transformer. You will install the client on your Android phone that you want to use as a game pad.

After that it’s just a matter of firing up the server on the Asus Transformer, connecting to it (via WiFi or in this example through an HDMI cable) with your Android phone with the client application fired up, and mapping your buttons. To map out the buttons you’ll need to open up a file in the server part called Generic.kl and remap the buttons to what the list below has them as:

key 304 BUTTON_A
key 305 BUTTON_B
key 306 BUTTON_C
key 307 K
key 308 8
key 309 BUTTON_Z
key 310 J
key 311 L
key 312 BUTTON_L2
key 313 BUTTON_R2
key 315 I

Once that is done, you’re off to play Shadowgun using your Android phone as a game controller and your tablet as your screen. You can take a look at all of this in action in the video above. You can pick up the DroidMote client for free (does not require root) and the DroidMote server for about $2.00 (requires root).

Thanks to Videomap for the heads up!

Website Referenced: spotgratis YouTube channel

Android Market Links: DroidMote Client | DroidMote Server

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