Super KO Boxing! 2 Tips

Here are some tips and tricks straight from Glu’s website that should help you out in case you need a bit of a boost when playing Super KO Boxing! 2. If you haven’t read or tried this game then feel free to check out our original article about this great boxing game. Remember though, this game is an 86MB download at run time to your SD Card, so be patient!

Super KO Boxing! 2 Tips and Tricks!

  • Using taunts and dodging enemies will charge a portion of your super meter.
  • Unleashing 3 consecutive super punches will do much less damage than using a level 3 charged super punch.
  • To quickly dodge a punch or combo, dodge in one direction, and while in mid dodge, dodge in the opposite direction.
  • When an opponent is knocked down, regain health by pressing OK/Tapping the screen, just as the opponents countdown numbers converge
  • Use super punch combos to break through an opponents defense
  • You will eventually dizzy your opponent if you can avoid their punches and land all your punches. Once an opponent is dizzied, look for the dizzy “STAR” indicators for clues on what punch to throw.
  • If you’re having trouble finding an opening it’s often better to defend and observe the opponents movements for some time before attacking.
  • Pay careful attention to the “impact flashes” that appear with each opponent’s punch. A special “final impact flash” is displayed at the end of each combo.
  • A few opponents have a special frame of animation where, when hit with the correct punch, they will be knocked down regardless of their health.
  • Pay attention to how your punches are affecting your opponent. Sometimes a low punch will do more damage than a high punch or hook punch.


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