Albion Online gets a new video showcasing the new Laborers feature. Less than 3 weeks till next closed beta.

One thing the upcoming cross-platform sandbox MMORPG likes to do is have closed beta testing phases. So far we have had three of them so far and the next one will be starting up in less than three weeks. In the meantime, the developers have released a new video that previews the resource gatherers players can hire called “Laborers”.

For those of you not familiar with Albion Online, this is a true sandbox MMORPG that also comes with cross-platform support. In this game you can do pretty much anything you want to do. Want to play it like a standard MMORPG by completing quests, beating bosses and getting the best loot? You can do that. Want to start your own business, or even your own town? Buy some land and do it! Want to be a crafter of rare armor and weapons, or a collector of rare materials? Go for it! Everything is done in a top-down perspective, so if you have played games like Diablo or Tourchlight, then you should be right at home here.

Albion Online also comes with cross-platform support between PC and mobile devices. This means you can play the game in full on your tablet when you are away from your PC, then hop onto your PC once you’re home and continue on with what you were doing. Of course there are the standard RPG features in this game as well including leveling up your character, quests, etc. This game has a classless system as well, for the most part anyways. While there are classes, how you build your class is up to you, since abilities become available through the armor, items, and weapons you equip.

Laborers are a new feature that will be NPCs you can hire to go out into the nearby area to collect resources and materials you happen to need for whatever it is you’re planning to craft. Since the economy within Albion Online is heavily influenced by the players, and just about everything in the game can be crafted, resources are very important. Depending on what you need, there are a few different types of Laborers available: Gatherers, Crafters and a Mercenary type. In order to hire any type, you will need either a house or guild hall for the laborers to settle in as their new ‘home’.

Once you have your newly formed workforce settles, you’ll be able to provide them with notes which are tasks that they will need to complete. Laborers ‘level up’ as well. The more tasks they complete, the more proficient they become. This is good of course, but there is a side-effect to this. As they become more proficient, they also become more demanding. To keep them happy, you’ll need to ‘reward’ them with appropriate furniture and house decorations.

Albion Online will be heading into its next closed beta phase in less than three week. Anyone with an Epic or Legendary Founder’s Pack will be able to partake in the closed beta, just like with the previous ones. We will hopefully be giving away a Founder’s Pack or two closer to the closed beta, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can check out the new video about Laborers above. More details about Laborers is available over on the Albion Online forums.

Source: Albion Online Forums

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