AMA and BulkyPix launch a Summer Sale on Google Play for a couple of games

AMA, along with BulkyPix, are throwing a Summer Sale right now on Google Play with two of their games. Both Pix N’ Love Rush and My Brute are on sale but in different ways. Pix N’ Love Rush is on sale for 50% off which means you can pick up a copy of this cool retro style game for $0.99.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pix N’ Love Rush, this is an ’80s retro style platformer where you control Pixel Cat, running through each level and collecting power-ups along the way. It is about as retro as you can get visually with 8-bit LCD graphics. Overall a pretty enjoyable games, especially if you dig all things retro.

The second game on sale is My Brute, their multiplayer fighting social game where you take control of a Brute, training it and pitting it against other players and their Brutes. While this is a free game with optional in-game purchases, all items that you can buy in-game are also 50% off.

The sale is already under way for Pix N’ Love Rush while My Brute’s sale will start August 4th and last until August 8th, 2012, giving you enough time to save up some pennies if you need to in order to take advantage of the sale.

Google Play Links: My Brute | Pix N’ Love Rush

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