[Updated] Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales are live and includes their Fire TV, Fire Phone and more

Cyber Monday sales are in full swing and while you don’t have to wait in line for hours ahead of time like Black Friday, lots of these sales are in limited quantity so you don’t want to delay in picking up anything you happen to want today. Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales are going strong and there are plenty of deals to pick up including their Fire TV, Amazon’s Fire Phone and more, all of which are on sale today for some pretty good discounts.

Update: December 1st, 2014 1:45pm PST: Amazon’s Fire TV is now finally on sale for $69 so if you were waiting to purchase it for the sale price, it is now available.

So what exactly can you pick up today on sale over at Amazon? Well as we mentioned the company’s Fire TV is available for a mere $69, their 7″ Fire HD tablet is also on sale for $109.00 instead of $139, and their 32GB unlocked Amazon Fire phone is on sale for $199.00 instead of $449.00 which is a pretty big savings of $250 basically. These are just some of the deals available on Amazon right now for Amazon products.

There also happens to be plenty of discounted items available for different Android devices, games, and applications to take advantage of. This includes discounts on a variety of Samsung tablets, Google’s Chromecast and plenty of other goodies related to Android. The best way to check all of these deals out is to hit up Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales listing which is available through the link below.

Please Note: Amazon’s Fire TV is not on sale just yet. It will be going on sale for $69 at some point today so you will have to keep checking for when it goes live. We will post an update here when it does as well. The Fire TV deal also does not include their game controller which is available for purchase separately for $40.

Official Website: Amazon Cyber Monday sales

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