Android 14 Lets You Clone Apps And Sign Into Multiple Accounts At Once

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The latest developer preview for the Android 14 operating system will let you clone apps. This highly sought feature allows you to sign into multiple accounts at the same time on a single app by cloning them. Gacha reroll, anyone?

Android 14 is the upcoming Android operating system currently in developer preview, with a rough release date of June 2023. The software builds on the works of previous operating systems, Android 12L and 13, and is a collaboration between Google and Open Handset Alliance.

Reroll Made Easier

Cloning apps is essentially what it says on the tin, but in short, it’s the process of duplicating an app on the same mobile device. You might wonder why someone would want to do this, but there’s actually several reasons that we’ll get into.

Cloning apps means two separate versions of the same app exist on the same device at one time, meaning you can sign into different accounts on each app. If you’re an Android gamer, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to play through the same game on different accounts without the hassle of signing out and back in again thanks to cloning.

If you’re a gacha gamer, this will open up a new world of possibilities for rerolling. In theory, you could just keep cloning the app and signing in using a guest account rather than going through the trouble of uninstalling and clearing data over and over again.

Then, once you’re happy with an S-tier draw, you could simply delete the rest of the clones. Ultimately, cloning will vastly speed up the rerolling process on Android devices.

It’s also great if you want to separate work apps from your down-time apps. For example, you might want to look at your personal emails without the risk of catching a glance at a particularly stressful work email. Cloning makes this possible, as you’ll simply clone the app, and sign into different emails on each app, helping you sustain a nice work-life balance.

Can’t We Already Clone Apps?

Some Android phones and tablets come with an app cloning feature built into the device. For example, Samsung users have been able to utilise app cloning for years now, thanks to Samsung purposefully adding the feature. Unfortunately, not every Android device comes with app cloning.

In the past, the absence of app cloning has forced some Android users to seek out third party apps to get the job done. Thanks to Android 14, this will no longer be the case, and everyone will be able to safely and conveniently clone apps whenever they like!

Take a look at the preview for Android 14 on the Android Developer’s website.

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