Android Game Sale Round-Up: HandyGames, 2K Games, Call of Duty: Strike Team and more

It’s Friday which means the weekend is upon us and this particular weekend is actually a bit more special since everyone here in the USA who are attending classes will be seeing Spring Break starting up next week. This is probably why there is a good amount of games on sale right now. One thing to do when you’re not in school is to play games. This week’s round-up has the 2K Games Spring Sale as part of it as well as HandyGames getting in on the action, discounting multiple titles as well. This certainly isn’t all that is on sale though!

There are some random developers that have put their titles up for sale as well such as DotEmu, Activision, Zen Studios, and Capybara Games. So let’s just get right into it shall we? Here’s this week’s round-up of Android games currently on sale.

2K Games sale:

HandyGames sale:

Side note: Just to avoid any confusion, HandyGames has their titles on sale for $0.15. If you see the normal prices, it is only because the sale prices are still updating throughout Google Play. Give it a few and they should update to $0.15.

Other games on sale:

Like always, if you spot a game on Google Play or Amazon’s Appstore that is on sale, do let us know in the comments below so everyone can check it out and take advantage of the saving if they want to.

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