Asus already working on an Android tablet that will be sporting the Kal-El chipset. That’s quad-core in non-secret-code language.

Asus already has a couple of hits under their belts in the short time they have been in the tablet game and it looks like they are planning to ride that wave with some high-end hardware for their next batch of tablets. With one being dual-core and another sporting a Qualcomm chip coming out in the next month or two.

While the Asus Transformer sold out in roughly two hours, the new models will most likely be just as hot. Keeping the hardware high-end while keeping the price competitive, the tablets are expected to land in the next couple of months on the market. Asus won’t be biased about the chipsets they will be using either. The 10-inch Eee Pad Slider EP102 will be sporting a Tegra 2 chip from nVidia while the 7-inch Eee Pad MeMo EP71 will come with a Qualcomm chip.

This is all fine and great but why stop there? Asus is already working on a quad-core tablet(s) as well which will come packing the codenamed Kal-El chip from nVidia. Hopefully Asus has learned from the mistake of not having enough parts for tablets to keep up with the demands and will have more on-hand for both Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 tablets in the future. That’s some serious mobile gaming power though.

Website Referenced: Digitimes

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