Beach Buggy Blitz gets into the Halloween spirit, also compatible with more devices

Vector Unit’s newest racing game Beach Buggy Blitz has gotten an update that, like a lot of updates happening these days, brings with it some Halloween goodies for you to enjoy. Aside from all the Halloween stuff though, Beach Buggy Blitz is now compatible with most modern Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2, HTC One series and more.

Beach Buggy Blitz trailer

Device compatibility aside, this update brings with it a new Halloween themed car called the ‘Grim Rod’ as well as two new Halloween themed characters. A new in-game purchase has also been added to help you earn plenty of coins during each race. The Coin Doubler in-app purchase will double your earning power and is now available for the coin hungry players out there.

Other than that, the rest of the update brought some bug fixes, memory optimizations and performance enhancements. As with all the Halloween updates going on right now, if you haven’t gotten this one yet, or the actual game itself, now is a good time to do so. If for some strange reason you are not sure about getting this game, you can always read our review as well.

Google Play Link: Beach Buggy Blitz

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