Become an Assassin and Command the Shadows and Time Itself in Shadwen on Nvidia Shield

Frozenbyte, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed Trine series crafted a new game called Shadwen, available on Nvidia Shield via GeForce Now. Shadwen presents you with a hefty moral choice. You’re an assassin, the titular Shadwen, who’s tasked with assassinating the king.

Assassinations are usually lonely work, but in this instance your destiny becomes entwined with that of a young orphaned girl named Lily. You need to guide Lily to safety, which means making the call on whether you’re going to kill your foes in front of her.

Shadwen is ill-equipped for handling enemies face-on. Her specialty is grappling up onto rooftops or cloaking herself in shadows before striking. But she can also use her environment to devise non-lethal solutions to his perpetual armed guard problem.

She can even manipulate time, which stands still as she does. She can rewind its flow to correct past mistakes and plot future events, but is that motivation enough to avoid killing? It’s up to you.

Shadwen can be streamed to your Shield device via GeForce Now for a special launch price of $14.44, which is 15% off its regular full price. Purchasing Shadwen on GeForce Now nets you a free Steam download code for the game. A GeForce Now membership costs $7.99 a month, and your first three months are free to try out the service before the monthly fee sets in.

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