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Stealth and Puzzles Come Together in Rogue Agent. Now Available in the Play Store.

Roguebox Studios is an independent game studio in Australia, led by Peter Anthony and Stephen Berg. They formed their company back in 2010. They have just released their first game, which is a hybrid stealth/puzzle game called Rogue Agent. If you enjoy outsmarting your enemy like Sam Fisher did back in the days of Splinter Cell, Rogue Agent may fill that void. With an unusual, but impressive art style, Rogue Agent will task you with escaping danger through 52 colorful levels.

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Pixelbite hints at a Space Marshals sequel and announces Space Marshals Chapter 3 is on the way

While fans of Pixelbite seem to either love their newest game Xenowerk, or thing the company could have done better with it, one thing is for certain, Pixelbite fans love their Space Marshals game. So fans should be happy as Pixelbte has not only started showing off the next and final chapter for Space Marshals, they have hinted that a sequel may happen, since they said they want to make one.

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[Updated] Republique is Coming This Week! Don’t Miss It!

This is a good week to be an Android gamer. There are some excellent games that should be hitting the Play Store. Sometimes gaming in the Android community means we have to wait for some titles after they have been released on iOS. That is the case with Camouflaj and Logan’s highly praised game Republique. What is so great about waiting this time? Republique’s game delivery system has been episodic. The first two episodes have already been released on iOS. The Android community will be able to pick up Episodes 1, 2 and 3, when Episode 3 is released Thursday, October 23rd. The game will be available in the Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Episode One has already been released in the Amazon App Store, but only for Kindle Fire devices. Republique has an intriguing story and an amazing heroine as the main protagonist.