Braveland is a new turn-based strategy game by Tortuga Team

Braveland is a new hexagonal turn-based game set in a fantasy world. The game begins with bandit raiders attacking your home and raiding it of supplies killing anyone who resisted. You vow to get justice and donning your fathers old armor set out east into the world to track down the villains responsible. Its a very played out and cliche story but one that seems to work for the scope of the game as you travel on an over-world map which you can select locations to visit. Each location will have something an encounter which could be other people hearing of your plight and wanting to join you or places to shop, while others might be thieves or other creatures wanted to stop you. Should you run into an enemy encounter you will be dropped into combat mode and swapped over to the hexagonal map which will be very familiar to any of you who have played Heroes of Might and Magic.

Battles are fought on a map with hexagons. On the left you will see your troops and on the right you will see the enemies. Groups of troops are stacked, so while you might only see one archer on the field that archer will have a number depicting exactly how many archers in that unit. In the beginning you will be limited to what units you have available but as you progress You can bring up to 5 different units into the battle with you. Each unit has their own stats and some will have special abilities that can be used during the battle.

Combat takes place in turns so each unit will have a certain number of Hexagonal space, or hexs, they can move and attack within and you take turns moving to the enemy and attacking them. There are hexs in the map that restrict movement or chests where you can gain extra treasure so there can be a strategic element to the battles where you might want to stack your higher hit point or stronger units up from and your weaker archers or healers in the back to avoid melee damage. After all enemies are slain you get rewarded gold to buy equipment or recruit and replenish lost units and experience that helps level up your hero.

Braveland Features:

– Turn-based battles in old-school style.
– Story take place in three unique corners of the world.
– More than 25 warriors and creatures from Goblins to Golems and Ice Guards.
– Intense boss fights at the end of each story chapter.
– Evolve your hero, customize your army.
– Various artifacts and rage magic.
– High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art.

You the hero, act as a commander and don’t actually fight in the battle but the experience you receive from each battle will help you unlock skills and abilities that can be used during a battle. For example you might gain a defensive buff for your squads or cast a spell to do damage to the enemy units. Also the skill you learn can add a certain number to the damage your units will do or the lessen the damage they receive.

Braveland is a light heated colorful game with a layer of strategy hidden beneath it. The hand drawn art work and lack of real violence should appeal to all ages and while the game starts out fairly easy it does progress and get more challenging. If your looking for a solid turn based strategy that reminds you of the old Heroes of Might and Magic days you should check it out. Braveland is available on the Google Play Store for $2.99 as well as being available for the iphone/ipad, PC, and Linux.

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