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Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade is a Brand New Indie Brawler With a Lovely Art Style Out Now on Android

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade is a brand new indie brawler with a stunning art style that you an grab right now on Android.

You’ll collect a wide variety of characters, each of which have their own unique play style. There’s also a bunch of cute pets to unlock that provide you with unique stats.

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade is a Gorgeous Brawler Out Now

If it’s content you’re looking for, there’s plenty of that. It includes over 50 handcrafted stages – each of which feature two different difficulties to tackle – and a wide variety of boss battles.

In terms of story, you’ll help Alice and Luwan brawl their way through the world of Metro, which has been overrun with evil bosses. Beat them up and the city will see peace again.

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade is available right now on Google Play, and you can download it right away.

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