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Breath of the Wild-Inspired Action-RPG Genshin Impact Enters its Last Closed Beta

Genshin Impact, the conspicuously Breath of the Wild-esque action-RPG from Chinese studio miHoYo, is entering its final closed beta next week, taking it one step closer to a global launch.

The game, which is also heading to iOS, PS4, and PC, sees you romping around in a vast, cartoonishly rendered fantasy open world, mostly killing stuff. miHoYo promises a cast of lively characters, element-based combat, and plenty of exploration.

Storywise, Genshin Impact sees you playing as a mysterious traveler searching for your lost sibling. Things escalate from there.

The next closed beta will let a few lucky players explore the cities of Mondstadt and Liyue, as well as their rural environs. It’ll be possible to build a four-person party, too. Unfortunately it’s too late to sign up, so you’ll just have to wait until later this year to play the game for yourself.

Source: Infinite Games

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