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Call of Duty Mobile gets its first trailer, zombies and battle royale confirmed

Call of Duty Android

The hotly-anticipated Call of Duty Mobile has been formally announced for a western release with a brand new trailer.

More importantly than even that though, is the fact that the mobile version of the world’s biggest shooter will get both a zombies mode AND a battle royale mode.

Call of Duty Mobile will feature the classic multiplayer, zombies mode, and battle royale

The former didn’t really get much of a look-in, but the latter revealed a map that looked almost exactly like that from Black Ops 4. That’s pretty awesome in and of itself.

If you haven’t heard of this yet, Call of Duty Mobile is exactly as it sounds. It features signature maps and weapons from the franchise in a nice new pocketable format.

We’re not sure exactly when it will launch, but you can pre-register right now on the official site.

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