Capcom’s Monster Hunter with Everyone: Card Master battle game coming February 21st

A possible second Monster Hunter title looks to be coming to Android on the Mobage platform from Capcom this February. Titled Monster Hunter with Everyone: Card Master, this will be a social multiplayer card battle game for smartphones.

We say a second possible title because back during the Tokyo Game Show 2011, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting would be coming to Android on the GREE platform. Whether that will still happen remains to be seen but Capcom has given a definitive date of release for this new Monster Hunter game, that being February 21, 2012.

This Monster Hunter game will feature character and monsters from the overall Monster Hunter series, only in card form, which you will use to battle it out with other players on the Mobage platform. The game will also be guild centric so players will be forming guilds, collecting card and going into battle with other guilds. Mobage games are always free to download so this new one will be as well and will be supported with in-game purchases, most likely for either special cards or card packs (boosters).

So for those of you who dig card battle strategy games and the Monster Hunter series, you have something to look forward to in a few weeks. One thing to note though, this could end up on iOS first with an Android release shortly after it. That hasn’t be specified but it tends to happen a lot. This also could be location specific to Japan at first, we are waiting for confirmation on that though.

Website Referenced: Andriasang

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