CarWash 3D + Contest

Bendroid, developer of some major hit games such as the Mystique series and Tangram Pro, just released another game to add to their list called CarWash 3D. This is a traffic control type game where you guide cars into your carwash and make money. The contest is for the person who has the highest score across all three online high score boards will win a Motorola Droid.

Just like most other traffic control games, you touch the cars and draw a path for them to follow, guiding them into your carwash to be cleaned. Your points/money is based off of cars who are completely washed and don’t get hit by another car, similar to the concept of the air traffic control games but with a different theme.


  • Great 3D graphics
  • 3 Unique locations
  • Over 10 different vehicles
  • Local and Global high scores


I’m sure you are all wondering about the contest and free phone right? Right. Well here is the deal….Bendroid is hosting the contest and all you have to do to win is have the highest score across all the high score boards to win a new Verizon Droid phone. In the event of a tie the winner will be selected randomly. You have until 7/31/2010 to get the highest scores.

That’s it! So all you need to do is go grab the game and start washing cars! You can get CarWash 3D off the Android market right now for only $0.99USD. Remember though, if you don’t wash all the cars, you’ll go out of business! Car washing is a cutthroat industry.

Developer Website: Bendroid

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