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CarWash 3D + Contest

Bendroid, developer of some major hit games such as the Mystique series and Tangram Pro, just released another game to add to their list called CarWash 3D. This is a traffic control type game where you guide cars into your carwash and make money. The contest is for the person who has the highest score across all three online high score boards will win a Motorola Droid.


Gridlock Traffic Control Game

If there isn’t enough traffic control games on the Android market already, here is another one for you to play called Gridlock, developed by No Patience Software. Like all traffic control games that deal with street traffic, the object of the game is to stop and start cars in the hopes that they don’t smash into each other. Too many crashes = game over.


Dragon Fire For Android

From the developers of some great games such as Shoppers Paradise and Archipelago comes Dragon Fire. Second Gear Games has ported over their iPhone game Dragon Fire to Android. This game is a mix of traffic control style game and puzzle where in you have to direct the path of colored balls of fire with various switches to complete the puzzle/stage.



AutoTrafego, developed by Speknid & Neato Code, is a traffic control game but not exactly how you think it would be. Instead of drawing lines to direct traffic like previous games such as Flight Director, Flying Aces or any other traffic control game out for Android, your only task is to control the traffic lights, ensuring that traffic is flowing smoothly.