PSA: Contract Killer: Zombies – Skip this one for now

Initial releases on games are sometimes bad, and this one is no exception, maybe even fitting into the really bad segment of games. Improperly balanced, bug laden (watch the video below), and strewn with ads for in-game currency exchanges for real cash may make this the worst Glu game ever released, even at no (initial) cost.

Weapons are currently extremely unbalanced, with the initial weapon, the shotgun only holding 4 rounds, and taking 3 seconds to reload. After purchasing that, I purchased the sniper for long range attackers, which was a bad move because of the weapons inaccuracy (even with the scope) and long loading times. People in zombie attacks aren’t taking their sweet ass time to reload a gun the way they would if they were target practicing, but that’s the way it’s done in CK:Zombies. Unfortunately there’s currently no way of resetting the game back to its initial state to remake those decisions on weapons, and real money is the only option to advance past the first 5 or so stages, with no alternative source of income.

The biggest issue was with the camera and what it likes to do on its free time. As you can see, the camera seems to have a mind of its own. Simply letting go of it and touching again (even in the same spot) leads you half way across the battle, unable to protect Evelyn or other survivors.

Bottom line: Don’t download this game, even if it’s price point of “nada” convinces you otherwise. It’s just not worth the frustration dealing with the camera angles, the broken game balance and money hungry developers. That being said, when Contract Killer: Zombies gets updated and if these issues get rectified we will be reporting on them first, but in the mean time — I implore you. Skip this game.

We’re currently waiting on Glu’s response to our inquiry into this matter. So far there has been no response.

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