Creepy sweatshop surgery Xperia Play commercial gets a part 2, shows the donor. Still keeping it creepy.

If you have been wondering where the thumbs came from in the previous Xperia Play commercial that was released a couple weeks ago showing the Android mascot getting human thumbs surgically attached onto him in some remote dirty sweatshop, you’re in luck! Seems Sony Ericsson has addressed this question in yet another video.

It seems as though this poor soul was actually drugged, kidnapped and had his thumbs stolen from him which we already know Mr. Android received in a dirty sweatshop surgery. Apparently this isn’t uncommon considering how the authorities react in the video so we can only assume that there has been thumb theft going on for some time in other countries.

Let this be a lesson to all mobile gamers out there. Girls don’t like you, they just want your thumbs.

Website Referenced: Android Headlines

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