Crossy Roads gets updated today with the addition of multiplayer

Hipster Whale have been pretty busy these days, with the recent release of Crossy Roads Disney and now the release of an update to their original Crossy Road title. This update brings with it a few optimizations and bug fixes, along with one major feature getting added to the game, which is multiplayer.

The Crossy Road update brings with it the ability for players to connect with their friends using Wi-Fi, so that they can enter the game and play Crossy Road together. In other words, Crossy Road now has local multiplayer support. The whole multiplayer gameplay is actually interesting in itself.

When playing multiplayer, you can have up to four people playing, battling head-to-head with each other. However, if someone gets knocked out, another player can revive you in order to keep the match going. This can continue to happen until every player is knocked out, at which point the game ends. You have to help each other, even though you’re battling one another, in order to rank high on the new leaderboards for multiplayer.

If you have Crossy Road installed, you can now download the update off of Google Play. You can also see multiplayer in action with the video below.

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