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Dadish is an Upcoming Mobile Platformer That Challenges You to Rescue Your 40 Radish Children

Dadish is an upcoming hardcore platformer about a radish father who has to rescue his 40 radish children.

His children are trapped across 40 challenging levels, and it’s up to you to help guide Dadish to the bitter end of each one.

Dadish Features Fast Food Enemies to Beat and Lots of Spikes

Of course, loads of things are trying to stop you. You’ll dodge spikes, traps, flamethrowers, and more as you simply strive to survive in this cruel, cruel world.

While the platforming itself is challenging, the enemies are equally so. They’re based on fast food like pizza, hot dogs, and burgers.

Dadish will launch soon on Android, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

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