Demo video of the wildest parkour game you may never get to play

We don’t know whether this makes us happy to see a game with graphics like this and such unique gameplay that could be possible or sad that we may never get to actually play this game but one thing we do know is this: This is one wild looking parkour game for Android.

Our friends over at Pockett send us this exclusive demo footage of a game called Xtreme Running which features some absolutely stunning graphics and the idea of some pretty wild gameplay that could be had if we get lucky enough to ever see this released. Like the story of Desert Winds, Xtreme Running was made to showcase the power of the PowerVR SGX chipset family. Here is the description we got:

The target of this Android demonstration by the game maker Digital Legends is “to raise awareness on cross platform PowerVR SGX chipset family (mobile, tablet and TV set top box), to demonstrate state of the arts graphics, scalability, interactivity and photorealism on such performance optimized, low consumption chips, on portable devices”. PowerVR SGX is a Imagination Technologies chipset family. We even saw a stereoscopic 3D version.


We are hoping that if we bring enough light and attention to this game that, like Desert Winds, we will eventually see this released as an actual full game. Desert Winds currently is being developed and may be released with at least three function areas while the rest will be released in updates. We hope Digital Legends will bring this to Android and fullfill our need for parkour games without us having to go outside and actually fling ourselves off various structures to get our parkour fix.

Thanks to our friends at Pockett (French) for sharing this with us!

Developer Website: Digital Legend

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