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Hardware News

PlayJam’s GameStick will be debuting at GDC 2013

For those of you who are more about having a compact, more portable, Android console instead of OUYA are probably more interested in PlayJam’s GameStick which did pretty damn good on Kickstarter and has since progressed nicely including a new design for their controller. We’ve seen plenty of pictures and video of GameStick and now anyone attending GDC 2013 next week will be able to check GameStick out in person as well.

Hardware News

Samsung Galaxy S III connectivity demo showing off connecting an Xbox controller, PS3 controller and more

Our friends over at AndroidNZ have put together quite the thorough video showing off all the connectivity features that you can do with the new Samsung Galaxy S III phone. While some of it is pretty standard, when it comes to gaming they also show off connecting an Xbox controller, PS3 controller and running FPSe, a bluetooth keyboard and more.