Hidden Gem: Angry Bots Demo – A demo you want to play and wish was a full game

Unity Technologies, developers of the Unity3D engine that makes a lot of the great games on Android such as Samurai II: Vengeance or Madfingers upcoming game Shadowgun, released a demo of a game called Angry Bots that you may remember seeing us play with during GDC 2011.

Alright you are probably saying right now “WTF a demo as a hidden gem? Lies and slander!”. Well unfortunately it is a hidden gem because even though this is a demo, a playable one, it’s a game with such high quality gameplay and graphics that by the time you are done playing the demo, you wish it was a full game already available. The best part is that this demo runs and looks so good on both single-core and dual-core Android devices. Granted you’ll need a decently newer Android device to get Angry Bots and enjoy it in all it’s glory.


After you progress to a certain point in the demo, roughly around three zones, you are then taken to a 3D showcase example where you can control your main character in a gallery setting and look at some painting. If you go down the hallway to the very end you’ll get to hear some epic music while looking at a picture of a deer kissing a lion cub. Very touching. Then you’ll get to do the same thing but with one of the little Angry Bots instead. It will just keep doing that until you re-start the game. Unless of course someone finds a secret in the gallery that allows for further progression.

In the actual game you can run around shooting Angry Robots of various size and unlock red gate by follow the red lines on the ground to the computers controlling them. You can die in this game as well and your health is shown as the glowing spot on your back.

You can grab this serious awesome demo of what Unity3D can do off the Android Market for free right now. If you develop games using Unity3D, the demo will be included in Unity 3.13.

Developer Website: Unity3D

Android Market Link: Angry Bots

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