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Google has launched the European version of the Android Indie Game Contest

During the Summer Google held their first Indie Games Festival which had Android indie game developers submitting their games in an attempt to win a variety of prizes, all of which revolve around getting their games out in front of many more eyes. This would inevitably end up boosting download of course. Unfortunately for a lot of developers, this was strictly for developers in the North America. This left out a lot of developers located outside of North America.


Shadowgun: Deadzone by Madfinger Games will soon have full modding support

Madfinger Games has announced a new version of their third-person multiplayer shooter Shadowgun: Deadzone that will let users create their own game content for everyone to play. Officially titled as Shadowgun: Deadzone GM Edition, the GM part stands for Game Master’s Kit, which will allow users to make new maps, modify weapons and characters, and basically let players create their own game elements as well.


Assassin’s Creed Unity companion app is now not needed to open blue chests

Companion Applications are an interesting concept in a lot of ways because you’re basically trying to take advantage of the mobile gaming industry, and the gaming industry in general, by extending the functionality of your game to include mobile devices. This could be for a lot of reasons and done in many ways, whether it is actually useful features, a second screen feature, news and update, and whatever else a developer can think up in order to make their games look like there is a lot more features to it then there actually is.


Unity Games announces their next game for Android called Rube Works, arriving this November

Rube Goldberg and the machines he made have have inspired people throughout the years into creating complex machines and constructs using random objects to accomplish the most menial tasks possible such as pushing a ball 2 inches to the left. However, they are fun to build and even more fun to watch in action, especially when people get a little crazy with their contraptions.


Unity publishes their first game under their new brand – Gears by Crescent Moon Games. Sony devices only for now.

Some pretty big news today as Unity, the company behind the Unity3D game engine which is extremely popular to use because of its cross-platform capabilities, has released their first game under their new publishing brand called Unity Games. This will be the label that Unity will be using to publishing games onto Google Play and their first release happens to be a game called Gears which was made by Crescent Moon Games.