There is a developer working on porting Half-Life / Black Mesa over to mobile

While there is the question of whether or not FPS games are any good on mobile devices, the fact remains that there are a decent amount of them available. It’s really a question about the controls, whether touchscreen is good to use for the genre on mobile. Some people swear by using controllers while others are just fine with touchscreen controls. Either way it looks like we may be getting a ported version of Half-Life / Black Mesa on Android soon.

As far as we know, this isn’t a part of the official Black Mesa project which is a re-creation of the Half-Life world using the Source engine from Half-Life 2. In one instance this developer is calling the game Half-Life Mobile and in the other it is Black Mesa: Mobile which is why we are just calling this a port of Half-Life/Black Mesa to mobile.

There isn’t a whole lot of details regarding this mobile version of Half-Life but from what we’ve dug up, this game will not be made using the Source engine. Instead, from what we’ve read anyways, this will be made using Unity3D. The entire project also raises questions regarding the legalities of this whole deal but since the game is being made using Unity3D and, as far as we know, there is none of the actual game’s data included, there shouldn’t be a problem with this except for possibly the name itself.

While we try to dig up more information regarding this project and how far along it is, you can check out a preview of Half-Life Mobile in the video above. No word if any sort of multiplayer will come with this game just yet.

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