Droid Gamers at GDC 2023: Day Three Diary

GDC 2023

Day three of GDC is here, and it’s also the last that we’re personally attending. The show floor officially opened today, allowing press and the like to check out the myriad of booths showcasing the latest games, tech, and more.

We had a bit of a hybrid day, meeting developers, publishers, and PR in the surrounding area, and dedicating the afternoon to the show floor. We saw a bunch of exciting stuff – some of which we talk about in this article, and others that we’ll talk about at a later date.

You can check out our coverage of days one and two to learn all about what we’ve been seeing so far, as well as the exciting news we learned while at Dolby HQ.

Read on to learn all about day three at GDC 2023.

Nitro Games

You may know Nitro Games best for its 3v3 shooter NERF: Superblast, which has topped the mobile app stores. It’s fun, features a wide variety of modes, and its colourful visuals look great no matter your device. Grab it on Google Play right now.

However, we also learned about its upcoming game, Autogun Heroes, which we described as Vampire Survivors in 2D. It’s a side-scrolling shooter, in which you automatically shoot a variety of enemies, dodging their return fire with a series of jumps.

As you progress through the levels, you unlock new guns and perks, which allow you to fine-tune the play style of your character. There are seven heroes to choose from too, with each playing a little differently.

You can check Autogun Heroes in select territories right now on Google Play.


We caught up with Ponos, the developer and publisher of the long-running Battle Cats, which is still going strong nearly ten years following its launch.

Sadly, Ponos couldn’t comment on what it’s working on right now but, suffice to say exciting things are coming.

Bandai Namco

We caught up with Bandai Namco’s mobile division, who couldn’t discuss what it’s working on at the moment. However, this should lead to improved communications with Droid Gamers. Stay tuned for updates on the publisher’s huge plans in the mobile space over the next few years.

Mad Bricks

Mad Bricks was on the show floor at GDC, and we caught up with the team to discuss its latest mobile project, which is, sadly, under embargo at this time. It sounds incredibly exciting though, so please stay tuned on Droid Gamers for more info later this year.

For those unaware, this is the studio behind Ekko: Occlude the Void, Crazy Stacker, and Unnatural Disasters. You can check out all of its releases on Google Play right now.

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