Engage Kiss Mobile Gacha Adaptation Launches In Japan In March

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The Engage Kiss anime, Engage Kill, is receiving an RPG gacha spin-off. Square Enix is developing the game, and the studio has confirmed a Japan release date for March 1.

Engage Kill acts as a gacha follow-up to the anime that it’s based on, continuing the story of the show, and keeping the characters alive. In the campaign, you set up a private military company in order to confront the D disasters, and stop the Devils once and for all.

Livestream Announcement

Square Enix hosted a livestream where it revealed several details about the upcoming game. Most importantly, the studio revealed when the public would finally have access to the game, and it appears to be sooner than later.

The developer announced that the game launches on March 1, but only in Japan. This seems to be a common trend among gacha games, where games first launch in the country of origin before they see a global release later down the line.

However, Square Enix haven’t announced a global release just yet for Engage Kill. While we’re sure the developer will at some point release the game globally, we have to reinforce that this is just speculation, and we encourage you to take it with a pinch of salt.

The Bigger Picture

The livestream also went into more detail on where the new Engage Kill game fits into the bigger Engage Kiss picture.

The developer revealed that the game takes place months after the events of the first Engage Kiss anime, with the game picking up where it left off. The characters are forced to deal with a world still infested with D-Hazards by establishing a private military company.

The studio also revealed other details about the game, such as the gameplay, launch rewards, and more. Check out the livestream to get caught up!

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