Envisions opens up GameBox service. Offers a free EVO 2 Android gaming console to early subscribers

Envision has been making some news lately with the recent announcement of the EVO 2, a console gaming system that will be running the Android OS. Well Envisions has just launched their GameBox service today and are offering free units to initial subscribers of the service.

GameBox is essentially your all-in-one storage service for your games and game data that you will use on your EVO 2 unit as well as previous Envision game console products. However, it isn’t limited to just their console products, you can use it with your PC/Mac as well. You can off-load large size game files, save current game data, and game profile data. In all, the service will let users backup:

  • DRM free PC games
  • Flash games
  • Open source games
  • Game profile data
  • Saved game progress


Developers and game publishers also get some nifty little perks as well from the GameBox service such as storage, game tools and overall support for game developers and publishers. As with a service like this, it isn’t fully tied into just gaming though. Like DropBox, GameBox will let you store music, videos, pictures and all that good stuff as well.

There will be plenty of options to choose from when looking at pricing and packages so depending on how much you play, you can get the appropriate sized package to suit your needs. Monthly subscription packages will include $0.99 for 1GB, 20GB for $4.99, 50 GB for $9.99, 100 GB for $19.99, and 300TB for $199 per month.

The big news though is that to kick-off the launch of GameBox, early subscribers who sign up for the $9.99/month package and agree to the one-year service usage agreement will land themselves a standard EVO 2 package which includes one controller and yes, as we mentioned, it will run Android and have access to the Android Market. Not bad if you want to get one of these units but think the $249 price tag might be a bit of a setback. It doesn’t come with the EVO remote though which is included in the pre-order EVO 2 package.

To find out more about hardware specs and all the things that the EVO 2 currently can do, with more planned in the future, check out our previous post about this interesting little device.

Full press release below.

Developer Website: Envisions

Official Site: GameBox


Envizions GameBox Storage Service Goes Live Today With Android EVO 2 Offer

Backup and save your game saves in the cloud with GameBox

ANNISTON, Ala/June 6, 2011 — Today, the Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation announced that its online game storage service GameBox is now available to the public after emerging from its beta stage. The service has been in beta development for several months but users can now download the GameBox client from

To kick start GameBox the company will also offer an exclusive EVO 2 console that comes with one game controller for customers that sign-up for a $9.99 month account that comes with 50GB storage with acceptance of one year service package with GameBox. This is a standard EVO 2 package that does not come with an EVO remote like the $249 EVO console currently available for pre-order. GameBox users that sign up for this offer will get their EVO units in the fall.

Along with protection against game data loss, GameBox provides a powerful utility to preserve play data when experiencing hard drive crashes, accidental deletion, theft, fire or flood, and to also help to off-load high volume game files from any user’s PC – Windows, Linux or Mac – to secure cloud storage servers.

By downloading the company’s GameBox client to their PC, the GameBox service will allow users to backup:

– Saved game progress
– DRM free PC games
– Flash games
– Open source games
– Game profile data

The GameBox client will automatically backup, organize, manage and store game data by genre. The GameBox system is so detailed that it can provide users with release dates of a particular game. GameBox will allow gamers to off-load several gigabytes of data from their local PC to the Envizions’ servers. Gamers must remove saved data from their console to a removable media device to their PC and the GameBox client will automatically start the backup process.

Envizions’ storage service will be released with a 14-day trial period for new customers. Monthly subscription packages will include $0.99 for 1GB, 20GB for $4.99, 50 GB for $9.99, 100 GB for $19.99, and 300TB for $199 per month.

GameBox will also provide storage service, game tools, and support for game developers and publishers. Publishers and developers will also have the ability to use GameBox for storage, special promotions, new game releases, and game enhancements. Envizions is working closely with several developers and publishers and will be making announcements on partnerships in the near future.

Additional GameBox perks include the ability to back-up documents, videos, music, and other important data in the cloud. GameBox will act as a back-up client on Envizions new Android game console called EVO 2.

“GameBox storage will play an important role for our users and the EVO 2 platform.” States Derrick Samuels CEO and Founder of Envizions.

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