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GameStick gets a new design and a docking station

While OUYA recently announced improvements to the controllers, based on feedback the company has gotten, that will be coming with the Android-based game console, one of their direct competitors has also received a new look based on feedback from backers of their Kickstarter campaign. On top of that, thanks to the successful backing that GameStick received while on Kickstarter, the unit will now come with a docking station as well.


OUYA pre-orders outside of Kickstarter now up for $109, talks with Namco Bandai on the go and more

Another week has begun and with it comes some more OUYA news to roll around in and enjoy. First off pre-orders for OUYA units are now available outside of Kickstarter for those of you who didn’t drop some money on their campaign in order to get one early. Instead of the $99 price tag OUYA donators got their units for, pre-ordering now will set you back $109 instead ($119 for outside the US).


Editorial: OUYA – The first step into the next generation.

So, all the news and commotion about the OUYA and it’s supposedly magical, revolutionary controller got me thinking about what actually using the OUYA would be like. In the promotional video, the footage shows Yves Behar and the design team working on the controller for OUYA. From what was shown, it seems like there is a ton of hard work, large amounts of care and smart design going into the feel and ergonomics of the controller.