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Fan-Favorite Fukua is Coming to Skullgirls Mobile This Month

Fukua is the latest character to be added to Skullgirls Mobile, and the last of the original PC and console line-up to make the transition to the small screen. 

For those who aren’t up to date with their Skullgirls homework, Fukua was added to the game by developer Hidden Variable as an April fools’ joke back in 2014. Fans had been campaigning for a new character, but Fukua is actually a crude reskin of an existing character, Filia. 

Fukua Very, Very Much

The intention was to playfully vex the game’s fans (there’s a clue in her name if you look closely) but they loved Fukua. This resulted in Hidden Variable actually working her up as a proper character, with her own moves and everything. 

Fukua can transmogrify herself, Calvin-style, creating a clone with which to attack her enemies. It’s an enviable power, and to pay for it she loses health as long as the clone is in play. 

The Fukua update will come to Skullgirls at some point in March. 

Source: Touch Arcade

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