Final Fantasy Adventures will actually be a remake of the original Mana game

Last week we reported that Square Enix would be revealing more details about their upcoming Final Fantasy Adventures game for mobile devices. Well that day is today and while the company didn’t reveal too much in the way of new information, they did announce one interesting item – this game is actually a remake of the first game in the Mana series (Sword of Mana).

This explains all of the references between Final Fantasy Adventures and Rise of Mana, including a bit of a cross-over event happening in Rise of Mana. As it turns out, Final Fantasy Legends is actually a remake of the first Mana game.

In the description for the YouTube video released today announcing this bit of news are two short sentences confirming this. Roughly translated, they say: Legend of Mana tree to be handed down. Revived in vivid is the origin of the “Seiken legend”.

Final Fantasy Adventures is slated for release onto Android and iOS, however there was no mention of a Western release, at least not yet. So for now, this is a Japan-only title.

Official Website: Final Fantasy Adventures

Website Referenced: Siliconera

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