GalaxIR For Android

GalaxIR, developed by MeryoDev, is an interesting little game which is still currently being developed. The developer has released a beta version basically. This game is like super speed Risk but instead of countries you are conquering planets as fast as you can. You start off with one planet and by the end of the game either you have all of them or you’re dead.

You can determine how many ships you send in an attack using the bar at the bottom of the screen. Half way full would be 50% of the ships available on the planet you control which is denoted by the number inside the planet. Each planet also has a different production value then other planets so while your starting planet may or may not have a fast production rate, you could end up taking over a planet that has a fast rate.

To attack you just drag your finger on the screen from your planet to the one you wish to attack. You win control of that planet if you destroy all the enemy ships on that planet. The strategy comes into play at this point because while you may attack a planet, another planet may attack you or even the planet you are attacking, effectively stealing it from you. You can also reinforce your own planet by sending ships between them using the same method as you do for attacking.

So far it’s a pretty fun game and you can choose between a small, medium or large map as well as different difficulties. Multiplayer and online play via bluetooth is coming in the next version so getting it now will give you some good practice time for when you have to face actual people and not the AI. Definitely a good way to kill some time.

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