Galcon Comes To Android

The very popular game iPhone Galcon, developed by Hassey Enterprises Inc, has finally landed on the Android market. Most people who have owned an iPhone at some point have probably also played this game. While there are already games similar to this on the Android market, most people liken this to being one of the best versions of this sort of game.

Galcom is a RTS (Real-time strategy) game where your goal is to conquer all the planets on the map. As time passes your fleet builds up and you can attack by dragging your finger to one of the enemy planets and setting how much of your force is sent over to hopefully conquer it. Each planet you take over builds their own fleet for you to use as well.


  • Single Player Mode
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Solid computer AI
  • Great graphics and animations


Multiplayer mode will let you battle it out with other players in all the fast paced action this game presents. Should you not feel like battling it out with friends or complete strangers then there is always the customizable single player mode where you can go up against the computer AI opponents. Galcon has pretty much unlimited replay value especially with the online multiplayer feature so you shouldn’t get tired of this game anytime soon.

You can pick this game up off the Android market for $2.99USD and while there is no free lite version to try out, if you want to learn how to play this game if you feel the need to do so before buying you can download one of the various free versions of games similar to this such as GaxalIR.

Developer Website: Hassey Enterprises Inc

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRGalcon.png{/rokbox}

Direct Market Link: Galcon

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