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This week has been a pretty amazing week not just for games on the android platform but also because CTIA happened this week with some great phones being announced. Here’s a highlight of what happened this week as well as a preview of some upcoming game news and announcements you can expect to see here.

Samsung Galaxy S – The Samsung Galaxy S was announced this week at CTIA and while there is a plethora of news covering this phone as well as the EVO, one particular point of interest has been the announcement that the Samsung Galaxy S has the fastest Android GPU and could be the upcoming phone to have for gaming when you tie in the fact it also has the best screen (Super AMOLED). Over at Android and Me there has been a lot of talking about whether the statistics are correct or not. There is a grip of sites talking about this so there is no shortage of places to get the details about it. On the flip side of things, giving the GPU the codename ‘Hummingbird’ is pretty terrible.

Zenonia by Gamevil – Zenonia RPG is a widely popular iPhone RPG (over 1 million copies sold), developed by Gamevil, was released the other day onto the Android market. This is a seriously big title release that’s finally made it’s way to Android and considering that Zenonia 2 just dropped up the iPhone, I would assume in the near future it’ll be landing in the lap of Android users. We’ve followed this since it was announced it was coming to Android, we’ve posted our first impressions after snatching up our copy the moment it was on the market and finally we posted our review. You’ll need Android 1.6+ to enjoy this great RPG.

Storm8 RPGs – It seems like this was the week for RPGs to land on the market and Storm8, developers of a bunch of iPhone based MMORPGs started releasing ports of their games over onto the Android market. All of their games boast millions of players so these releases were pretty big as well. Currently available are World War, iMobster and Racing Live.

Blastosis: InvasionSiliconis Games released their HD 2D vertical scrolling space shooter onto the market as well. This game is for HD phones only and with that said, if you have one you should definitely check out this game. It’s pretty intense game play, even on easy.

What’s to come….

This week we still have lots of games to talk about not including ones that will end up being released this upcoming week. We’ll also be talking about a new graphics engine a developer has made and is using to create a fantasy RPG style game in the fashion of Oregon Trail. Also we’ll have another interview (or two hopefully!) coming this week as well as our first contest which will be announced hopefully this week. I’m just working out the details still.

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