Gameloft Finally Offering Free Trials

Gameloft’s release of 11 HD 3D games for higher end Android phones wasn’t as smooth as they probably wanted it to be. Between the DRM Policy that had to be changed because you were not allowed to re-download games you’ve purchased, some of the games not working properly on phones at release time and none submitted to Android market, it was a rough ride.

It seems though things are improving with how Gameloft works and how they handle business with this recent announcement that they now offer trial versions for all 11 HD 3D games for Android. To get any of them on your phone you just need to follow the link at the end of this article and fill out the small form after you select what game you want to try.

From there you’ll be sent instructions to download and install the trial version of whatever Android game you want to try out. So if you have been debating on buying one of their games, questioning spending the money because you do not know how good they are due to lack of being able to try them, well now you can!

Remember though these will generally run better on higher-end or newer Android phones so keep that in mind if you are going to head over and grab a couple of free trials. Still would be nice if they actually put the games and trials on the Android market.

On a side note if you watch the video below that Gameloft put out, apparently we can expect to see a HD Avatar game from Gameloft in the near future.

Website referenced: Gameloft via AndroidTapp

Free Trials: Gameloft’s Android Free Trials

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