Gameloft reveals a sneak peek at their first Unreal Engine made game

Gameloft just informed us about their first Unreal Engine 3 made game, something we talked about was going to happen awhile ago and now it seems to be coming along nicely. In total, Gameloft is supposed to have 4-5 Unreal Engine 3 developed games and now we get to take a quick look at the first one.

Gameloft is keeping pretty quite about this game, not even revealing what it will be called. Judging from the artwork, we can at least guess it will be a fantasy themed action game but that is pretty much it. We also know there will be blood which is always a good thing.

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So anyone have any guesses as to what type of game this could be? When it is released we will see who was the closest. Either way the art looks pretty bad ass. You can head over to their Facebook page and vote on which clues to reveal about the game.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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