Games To Get This Summer

Obviously we don’t know about every game that will end up on the Android market this summer but we do know about a few already that are slated for a summer release. Out of the list we have, there are a few that look to be great in quality and gameplay. Some we’ve talked about already and others we are just learning about now.

Need For Speed: Shift

Need For Speed game series has been popular for a long time on consoles, PCs and even the odd mobile phone version. Shift offers up the entire gaming experience for your Android device with amazing looking graphics, music and overall gameplay. If you’ve ever played a Need For Speed game on any console system or other similar games like Gran Torismo then you’ll already know what to expect with this addition to the Need For Speed family. This could be the Asphalt 5 killer.

This game is slated to be released on June 4th,2010 to coincide with the release of the EVO that day as well. There’s no solid details as to how much of the game will be included from the iPhone version which has 20 games, 18 tracks and local multiplayer. On an interesting side note though, this will be EA’s first major 3D title released onto Android devices. Watch the iPhone gameplay video.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a fun physics game, developed by Rovio, that is extremely popular on the iPhone. This physics puzzler has you shooting birds into the air to destroy structures and possibly killing pigs at the same time. Load up a bird into your slingshot and catapult him into the air in your attempts to solve each level of cartoon-y destruction. There are 6 types of bird you can unlock and a ton of secret goodies to uncover. As you progress through the game the stages become much more challenging.

This game will also be a port from the iPhone version and so far there is no word on pricing, how much of the iPhone version will be included in the Android version or if there will be exclusive content for Android players. Definitely one to add to the collection, especially if you enjoy physics games. Watch the gameplay video!

Crusade Of Destiny

Crusade of Destiny is a 3D RPG developed by Dvide Arts. We’ve actually talked about this game and have been keeping watch for it since we learned it was coming to Android a few months back. Created using the ShiVa 3D game engine, the graphics are excellent as is the gameplay. Rumors are already floating around about it being shown off over at this years Google I/O and if it is, we will be sure to find out what we can. This game is feature packed and any RPG fan would be insane not to get this game.

You can read about this game in more detail including all of it’s features in our previous article. This game is slated to be released late May or early June May 24th, 2010. No word on pricing just yet but you can bet it will more than likely be in the $2.99-4.99 price range. Watch the gameplay video. Read the official press release about Crusade of Destiny’s launch.

Welcome To Hell

Another Dvide Arts release slated for the summer time May 31, 2010. This game should be coming out around the same time as Crusade of Destiny and was built using the same ShiVa 3D game engine as C.O.D. For some reason though there hasn’t been any rumors about this game being showcased at Google I/O this year unlike Crusade of Destiny. Welcome To Hell offers a slew of features in your quest to eliminate zombies in all it’s 3D FPS goodness. You can also read about all the features in more detail in our main article about Welcome To Hell. This will more then likely have the same pricing as Crusade of Destiny as well. Watch the gameplay video! Read the official press release about Welcome To Hell’s launch.

These are just the games we know are coming out this summer but there are a lot that are coming soon according to various developers. Here’s a quick list of games we would like to see make a summer release date:


I’m sure we missed some titles that are coming out this summer. Half of the 3D games Gameloft just released we would also suggest getting once they are working properly. If you know of any, let us know and we will add it to the list! So with that said, what games are you looking forward to getting during summer?

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