GameStop to officially launch its game streaming service Spawn in 2013

Way back in April of 2011 we talked about GameStop who had been developing their own rumored game streaming service called Spawn, the software of which they purchased from another company called Spawn Labs. Now, after all this time, it looks like the service will finally become a reality next year and will be available for tablets, TVs and PCs.

Spawn, which is what the service will be called, will be launching sometime in 2013 and will be available for the above mentioned devices. Tablet inclusion is no surprise considering GameStop has been selling Android tablets for awhile now. Interestingly enough, the service will not support consoles, a fact that GameStop President Tony Bartell elaborated on:

“Based on consumer feedback, our success in selling mobile devices, and the imminent launch of new consoles, we have decided to move our technology to a PC-based model”

In recent month GameStop has been struggling to keep their head above water as more and more game purchases are going digital or through game streaming services like Gaikai and OnLive. It will be interesting to see how this new service turns out.

Website Referenced: The Escapist

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