Gamorlive is the new web portal for mobile multiplayer HTML5 games

We have talked about HTML5 in the past a few times and the fact that you can play HTML5 games right on your mobile device without the need for really anything but your browser. Well in a similar fashion to Kongregate, Gamorlive is a portal that has multiplayer HTML5 anyone can play on their Android device.

Whether you play on a phone or a tablet, HTML5 games can be played right through your browser on your mobile device without having to install anything. While you may not get a full-fledge 3D FPS game to play, you will be able to play quite a lot of games whether it be a 2D MMORPG, multiplayer strategy games or whatever else you feel like. All of this is, of course, in real time since it is server side. Logging into an MMORPG running through HTML5 is just like logging into any other game.

Should you not want to run it all through your browser, there is now an Android application as well which you can use instead. The application is a little more like Foursquare than anything else, just gaming related. However, once you identify players, you can fire up a game and go head-to-head against them at any time. While a lot of the games on Gamorlive right now are more on the simplistic side of things, there is no reason that in the future more complicated games can’t be played this way either.

Interestingly enough, when you defeat people in your city using the Gamorlive app, it too is sort of like a game and you will take over the location that the player you defeated what at, just like becoming the major of Starbucks in a way. The entire service is pretty deep with features so the best way to learn about it is to just get it and fiddle around with it. The application on Google Play is considered a beta so there might be the odd bug.

Website Referenced: GamesBeat

Official Website: Gamorlive | GamorLive on Google Play

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