Google working on a Nexus tablet? It appears to be so.

Just when you thought all the Nexus news would start to slow down, the Google Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt has decided to stir up the pot a little more by revealing that Google is working on a tablet of “the highest quality” which looks to be hitting the market in early 2012.

While this doesn’t 100% mean it will be a Nexus branded tablet, Google doesn’t usually refer to devices in that way unless it is a Nexus device. This isn’t the first time a rumored Nexus tablet was in the works although getting Eric Schmidt to basically say that is what it is happens to bring a bit more validity to the subject. He also made a point of it to mention that Google is gearing up to do real battle in the tablet industry to go head-on against the iPad.

Of course there are no real details about the tablet itself hardware-wise or whether Google will be making it themselves or going with a third-party manufacturer. Given the time frame of the device’s launch, don’t be surprised to see a Tegra 3 chip stuffed in there as that will most likely be the reigning new chip at that time.

Anything branded as Nexus always gets people excited as the Nexus brand is the Flagship line of devices for Android and, usually, sports all the latest hardware and operating system. To date it has always been phones but a Nexus tablet will surely get everyone drooling on themselves and eager to snag one. For now though we can only imagine the specs it will come with. Speaking of specs, what would you like to see a Nexus tablet come with in terms of hardware? If Google does partner with a manufacturer, who would be your first choice to make the device? Let us know in the comments below!

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