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Halfbrick Partners with Krome Studios to Revive Fish Out Of Water, Age of Zombies, and More

Halfbrick, the studio behind mobile megahits like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has partnered up with Krome, another Australian Studio, to bring some of its old games back to life. 

Krome Studios is a specialist at reviving vintage titles, having ported Ty the Tasmanian Tiger to Nintendo Switch and the Bard’s Tale Trilogy to PC, among others. 

The partnership could result in classic titles like Fish Out Of Water and Age of Zombies returning to the Google Play Store, after years in obsolescent purgatory. 

That said, the press release also mentions Monster Dash, which is currently available, so it’s possible that the Krome collaboration will simply see Halfbrick’s old games appearing on a new platform.

In fact, it’s conceivable that none of the “many” titles alluded to in the text are intended for mobile. Which would blow.

We’ve reached out for more details.

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