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Harvest Moon: Mad Dash Has Landed on Google Play Without Multiplayer

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash – a casual, fast-paced spin-off of the popular Harvest Moon – has just arrived on Google Play, having been out for several months on PC and consoles. 

Co-op multiplayer is integral to those versions, but there’s no sign of it on mobile.

The game sees you rushing about on your farm fulfilling orders for fish, milk, crops, and so on. Eschewing the slow, steady pace of previous Harvest Moon games, it plays a bit like Diner Dash. 

Get Off My Land

There’s a variety of environments to play in, including farm, beach, underworld, and skyworld, and a range of obstacles to avoid, such as lava and wild boars.

Meanwhile Harvest Sprite Powers give you special skills that will help you achieve your agrarian goals. 

You can download Harvest Moon: Mad Dash for $4.99 on Google Play.

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