Havok’s Project Anarchy dungeon crawling RPG now available for free

Not too long ago we announced that Havok, who up until then had only an engine for making PC/console games, had released a new mobile focused game development engine called Project Anarchy. This engine, as you’re probably guessing, is designed for developers of 3D mobile games and allows for cross-platform development, similar to Unity3D.

Well Havok has built a dungeon crawling RPG aptly named Project Anarchy and have released the game onto Google Play today. This is a sort of tech demo but fully playable game hybrid. It is not as short as most tech demos but it isn’t exactly a huge RPG either. Project Anarchy sort of sits there in the middle. What it is good for those, aside from getting a dungeon crawling RPG fix, is to actually see first hand what the Project Anarchy mobile game development engine can actually do.

Project Anarchy (the engine) is made up of a few different products – Havok Vision Engine for graphics and level editing, Havok Physics for collision detection and ragdolls, Havok Animation Studio for character animation and Havok AI for navigation of characters. So it is a pretty complete suite of tool for making mobile games with.

What’s really cool with this is that Havok has released the entire source code and assets for Project Anarchy (the game) which can be downloaded from the official site of the engine. The game is available for free to download off of Google Play (and it’s pretty enjoyable) and the engine is also available for download should you want to start dabbling in game development.

Google Play Link: Project Anarchy

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