Help Bik find his way home from an alien abduction in Bik: A Space Adventure

Released by Zotnip, Bik is a point-and-click space adventure that’s been re-released on to Android. Originally Bik was released onto Android back in August 2014 but has since been enhanced and optimized. In this adventure, players will assume the role of a young boy named Bik, who’s been abducted by aliens. Bik needs to find his way home, and relies on some of his newfound, alien friends to do so.

Along the way, players will confront evil corporations, argue with robots, help save a planet from destruction, help find a missing alien, and even eat brownies. All told, the game should take four to five hours to complete. Throughout this game, players will play from a variety of perspectives, including both Bik as well as other aliens. You will even have the option of enlisting with mercenaries, and helping them complete missions in outer space.

Bik Features:

– A complete 4 – 5 hour story
– Point and click (or touch) your way through 8 unique settings.
– Become absorbed in the world through an enthralling original soundtrack containing over 90 minutes of original music.
– Control multiple characters and see the story from different perspectives.
– Enjoy story-driven, thoughtfully crafted puzzles.
– Fire a laser gun
– Befriend alien races and join them on adventures in space
– Join a mercenary crew aboard a space freighter

The game features the ever popular faux retro look, as well as an original soundtrack that’s over ninety minutes long.  Bik can be found on Google Play for a flat price of $0.99. You can see some of Bik’s gameplay with the video below and a couple more screenshots.

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