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Google makes their two new Pixel phones official today. Pre-orders are now live in select regions.

Today Google finally made their new Pixel phones official after a few major leaks have already shown us what to expect with these new devices. Google revealed all the goodies with the Pixel and Pixel XL during their presentation today, with some surprising features and details going along with it all. On top of all of that, pre-orders for these phones are now live today in select regions.


Help Bik find his way home from an alien abduction in Bik: A Space Adventure

Released by Zotnip, Bik is a point-and-click space adventure that’s been re-released on to Android. Originally Bik was released onto Android back in August 2014 but has since been enhanced and optimized. In this adventure, players will assume the role of a young boy named Bik, who’s been abducted by aliens. Bik needs to find his way home, and relies on some of his newfound, alien friends to do so.


Bandai Namco partners with Sony Entertainment to bring us a Pixel mobile game

Bandai Namco has announced that they have partnered up with Sony Entertainment to produce a mobile game based off of the Pixel movie. For those of you not familiar with what Pixel is, essentially this is a live-action movie with a video game theme to it. Basically aliens misinterpret old video feeds showing video game footage as a declaration of war and attack Earth, taking the form of video game characters when they attack.


OrangePixel Releases – Jumpy and Mini Army

It is pretty unanimous when talking about indie game developers here at DroidGamers that one of our favorites happen to be OrangePixel. Generally under-rated and often overlooked, OrangePixel has been consistently producing and releasing original games for Android that are usually both fun and high quality with their own unique style.